Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Where Do You Start?
Pineview Retirement Village currently has a Waiting List, by completing our Waiting List application form.

Is there a cost to be on the waiting list?
Yes. After completing the Waiting List application, Pineview will require a $2,000 deposit which is refundable to you at any time.

Do I have to accept the first unit offered to me?
No. If the unit offered isn’t acceptable to you, you will still remain a priority on the Waiting List and offered the next available unit.

Will I get time to sell my house?
Yes. We allow 3 months for you to sell your house. The 3 month period starts from the date that your Residence Contract is signed. We do ask that we are able to contact your real estate agent during this time.

Can I move in before settlement?
Yes. Burnside Retirement Services Inc. may offer “Early Occupancy” to prospective residents once they have an unconditional contract on the sale of their house. The Maintenance Fee is then payable from this date.

Can I bring my pet to Pineview?
Yes. Pets are generally allowed, subject to written permission with the provision that they don’t cause any nuisance to other residents.

Can I have visitors to stay?
Yes. Visitors are welcome to stay with you at any time but if the stay is for a prolonged length of time, management approval may be required.

Financial Details

Pineview Village is Resident-funded, that is, the total cost of units and facilities are paid by the Resident/s. This is the principal method of financing retirement housing in South Australia.

Residents do not obtain a separate Certificate of Title – the right to occupy a unit is obtained by payment of an “Occupancy Fee” i.e. 25% of the license price; and a “Principal Sum’ which is the 75% balance of the license price – this is an interest free loan to Burnside Retirement Services Inc.

Investment Details

When Resident/s vacate their unit, Burnside Retirement Services Inc., undertakes to repay 75% of the then market value of the unit.
This allows Residents to share in any capital appreciation in the value of their unit.

If the unit is vacated during the first four years of occupancy, part of the 25% Occupancy Fee is also refunded:

  • Two years 60%
  • Three years 40%
  • Four years 20%

Maintenance Fee

A monthly fee covers the cost of rates and taxes, insurance of buildings, public lighting, maintenance of general landscaping, maintenance of units – inside and out, community facilities and administration. This can be paid either monthly by direct debit or annually in advance.

The fee is adjusted annually depending on actual/forecast costs. If you are eligible for a concession on Water Rates this will be reflected in your Maintenance Fee.